The Global Spiritual Awakening Conference team is made up of several staff members and volunteers—all of which have participated in numerous spiritual events before. Some of our team members organized the Sedona Solstice Festivals for several years; others organized the International 2012 Festival; and others ran the Universal Lightworkers Conferences for 15 years. Our director, Sandra Gabriel, is the director of the Annual American Icon Awards (an event similar to the Academy Awards but honoring major celebrities who have made a major contribution to humanity). But some of the most important team members are the attendees, as they are all sharing the commitment to spread the word about this event by posting fliers in their own local regions and sharing the event all over social media.

You are now registering for the first global event of its kind and the biggest 24-hour spiritual conference ever. We are so excited to be able to bring these world class speakers and authors, as well as numerous award winning musicians and performers whose messages bring healing to the world, through you.

Although this is a virtual event, attendees will be able to participate in ceremony, prayer, meditation, laughter, learning, personal processing, and profound spiritual awakening. So mark your calendar for Saturday, November 16th at 9:00am (PST) through Sunday, November 17th at 9:00am (PST), and join with thousands of people online from all around the world in a virtual state of higher consciousness.

This 24-hour online conference can be accessed at any time convenient, on your own computer, phone (smart or not), or other portable device, by simply registering and then following the login instructions that will be sent to you in your confirmation email. A replay of the event will also be available for seven days after the end of the live event.

Sign up now and take advantage of the early-bird discount and your free BONUS gifts! And please note that there are NO REFUNDS for any reason. Once you register, you will receive a full itinerary of the event [which should be available after November 1st.].

Once your registration is complete, please be sure to “share” this event on social media by clicking on the relevant sharing buttons below, as well as printing as many of our fliers as you can (at least 10) and putting them up in your local area so that you too are helping to spread the word. This is a global event that is being shared with as many people as possible by other global citizens.

Thank you so much for your support of this life-changing event!


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Conference?
Saturday & Sunday, November 16th-17th, 2019, beginning at 9:00am on the 16th and running 24 hours straight, until 9:00am on the 17th, (PST). You can check your local starting time here.

Where is this taking place?
This is a Virtual Conference, which means it takes place in your own home, on your computer.

How do I get access to the event?
You can register simply by clicking on the registration button and filling out the details. Then you will receive an access code so that on November 16th at 9:00am you can log on and be a part of the event.

How long do I have access to the conference?
In case you want to watch any part of the conference over again OR to watch any parts you may have missed, you will have access to the entire event for 7 days after the event ends.

Can I purchase a DVD or CD of the event?
Yes, within weeks of the conference ending, you will be able to purchase all, or any portion, of the conference in the shop page of our website.

What if I only want to watch SOME of the presenters?
You are welcome to watch any potion you choose to. However, we urge you to keep in mind that this is a  wholistic experience, which means it’s best to watch as much of it as possible.

Since this is a virtual conference, how can we see (or shop through) the vendors?
Our vendors are selected for the integrity and their quality of products. And each vendor will present their product or service much like a commercial during breaks between speakers and performers. Imagine watching a show for the first time where you gain just as much from the commercials/vendors as you do from the main program. And if you see anything you like, you can easily purchase the items by accessing the website shopping cart of the vendor.

How can I sign up to be a vendor?
Just email our officeand our vendor coordinator will contact you right away.

When will the post-conference workshops take place?
The Post Conference Workshops will be offered with attendees joining their favorite teachers/authors in a live presentation on Tuesday, November 19th. More information about these workshops will be posted soon.