Unity of Sedona

Unity of Sedona is a New Age spiritual center, New Thought church, and energy vortex located in Sedona, one of the world’s greatest centers of spirituality. Unity of Sedona is a Spiritual Center and a hub for spiritual travelers (students and teachers) on the path to their remembrance that Love (Christ) is who we are. Peace is the natural state of being that arises in those who choose Love as their identity. Unity of Sedona, therefore, holds as its focus the awakening of the inner Christ so that all forms of goodness may fill our lives.


Grail Productions

Grail Productions was formed in the mid-1980’s. Our primary intention is to promote the work of Michael Mirdad and other teachers and teachings that support the development of Love, Light, and Christ Consciousness throughout the world. Grail Productions has since produced numerous workshops, concerts, sacred art exhibits, gatherings and sacred site tours, and continues to be a leader in spiritual awareness.


A Premiere Estate Sale

A Premiere Estate Sale is one of the most popular estate sale companies. We offer estate sales throughout our home base in Northern Arizona, as well as offering a national network for selling, donating, and buying personal and professional treasures. ​We generally provide only “4-5 star” items and sales and at reasonable prices. Next, our combined years of experience among our staff ads up to several decades—which means we know all sides of the estate sale business and understand the needs of both the buyers and sellers. Lastly, we are committed to creating a wonderful and exciting experience at our estate sales.


Spirits Journey Talk Radio

Welcome to Spirits Journey Radio. We are a show dedicated to telling the truth about our spiritual nature. Kathryn and Patrick have dedicated their lives to spiritual teachings and the understanding of who we are as spiritual beings and we are eternally grateful for their love and support!


Universal Lightworkers

The team for the Universal Lightworkers, are here to serve all Lightworkers throughout all dimensions in the Universe. ​Our website and facebook group serve as a spiritual community for all Lightworkers ​to gather, learn, and network with one another. Are you a Lightworker? If so, you are welcome anytime to share your related articlesvideos, and products. You can share information about angels, ascended masters, channeling, Christ consciousness, or anything that inspires us to live a better lighter life.