Rima Thundercloud

Rima was raised by her mother’s adopted Irish Grandparents and taught to listen to Spirit as a child.  Although they were financially challenged, the richness of living in harmony with the land growing and gathering our own food kept me close to my spirit even as a child. Her Grandfather practiced plant medicines and lit the sacred fires for the seasons. My Grandmother was a medium and gifted psychic.In her early 20’s her journey brought her to her native elders, where she has listened practiced and humbled her heart to receive teachings from the most sacred of teachings on Mother Earth.Now an Elder, she has integrated these teachings to continue to grow and teach others.She serves others by sharing her gifts in varied ways. Her greatest inspiration has been from the love of her children, the elders and medicine lodge she has the honor of serving.“Spirituality cannot be bought or sold. You must find that within your own heart.”
Rima Thundercloud.


Tracy Curcio 

Born into a family of Native American and European psychics and intuitives, Tracy’s path was carved out for her lifetimes before her soul appeared on this plane. Intuitive Astrologer studying and reading for over 11 plus years. using meditation and channeling while the birth chart is my invitation to read the soul. This is where the healing journey begins. The day she began her journey studying astrology and using this as the access point in her meditations, was the turning point for her personal path and her readings. They just blossomed into an entire new access point.  When she reads for anyone, she learns even more for herself to help others. Gifts continue to abound.


Sara Bachmeier

Sara Bachmeier is the Author of “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension”. She conducts Private Chart Readings revealing your Soul Life Agreement, Local Workshops, 90 Day Mentor-ship Program called “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology”, and teaches Egyptian Numerology at Yavapai College Adult Ed. She has an Egyptian Numerology Community Facebook Group of 1600 members and a YouTube Channel filled with information and inspiration. In her spare time, she is writing her second book; “Egyptian Numerology; Path of the Miraculous Healer” and maintaining her weekly Blog.

Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, PhD.

As elucidated in Dr. Gwendolyn McClure’s doctoral dissertation which weaves Cultural Anthropology, Music Therapy, and Jungian Psychology, the use of the human voice for transformation of consciousness and healing in group ceremony and private work with a medicine woman/shaman, has been occurring for thousands of years on this planet. Gwendolyn’s Vocal Sound Healing Work re-connects modern humans to our innate capacity to heal our bodies, minds, souls, and lives with vocal sound and song.
Fulfilling her calling Gwendolyn travels throughout the world conducting Vocal Sound Touch Healing Indoor Sessions, Phone/Cyber-Touch Healing Sessions, Vocal Outdoor/Wilderness Healing Sessions and Workshops in Indoor and Wilderness settings.



Spiritual Director, Wellness Practitioner, Artist, Mystic
Phaedra has been well-known and well-respected in the Sedona metaphysical community for 12 years.  She is an empath who uses her intuitive and psychic abilities to help clients overcome challenges to manifest their life goals and dreams.  Phaedra helps her client’s journey into spirit and reconnect with their true selves, helping them to find peace and clarity. She is an Artist, Mystic, Modern muse and spiritual director of tribe wellness in Sedona AZ. Phaedra is a fourth-generation empath, healer and psychic. She is a Greek Irish and native dissent and was raised with traditional values and an endless pallet of spiritual insight. A continuing quest for spiritual growth has been enriched by her many travels to some of the most sacred sites in the world. She did her first reading at the age of five and was nurtured in her experience of the metaphysics, native traditions and ceremony of many cultures around the world. Phaedra has dedicated herself to helping others find their path, modalities and spiritual awakening! Welcoming everyone in with an endless fountain of compassion, love, and generosity!


Druid Linda Mae

Druid Linda Mae has been following the path of the ancient Druids for 25 years. She is the Founder and ArchDruid Priestess of Druids of the Light, a 501(c) Druid organization, which focuses on anchoring the Light of the Heavens onto the Earth. She has been presenting public rituals and classes all over the United States since 1992. Her book, Ancient Wisdom Now: Path of the Druid, is now available. Linda Mae has been a psychic reader for 5 decades. She specializes in intuitive soul readings using the Druid Animal Oracle to help people find their highest calling.


Jehann El-Bisi

Jehann experienced the sudden death of both of her parents during her early twenties; followed by a near death experience of her own, shortly thereafter. Initiated at the age of 23, into the Cree nation, she was exposed to many varied spiritual paths, and traditions including Buddhist chanting, and peace walking, and the Course in Miracles. Her direct encounter with Jesus, after the near-death accident, propelled her forward onto a spiritual journey, she continues today. The Angel painting was the result of a divine and mystical channeling following her mother’s death. The Angel painting brought release, relief, joy and healing, and part of Jehann’s mission is to share this gift with others, who are serving humanity, and the planet for the purpose of awakening.


Universal Lightworkers

There are currently hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers on planet earth—many with websites and facebook pages. Universal Lighworkers website, serves as a hub and place of networking for all Lightworkers throughout the Universe. Our website features articles, ads, products, videos, and more, that you, as a fellow Lightwoker, are welcome to submit. Everyone is welcome to request admission into our facebook group. And feel free to pass the word about the UniversalLightworkers.com webpage, as well as our Facebook page or group.